Katy Cooper and Katy Kingston?

Katy Cooper writes historical romances set in a slightly altered Tudor England. Katy Kingston writes fantasies of manners with strong romantic elements. That she’s drawn to both genres can be traced back to her upbringing. Her father was  a career Air Force officer, so, growing up, she went to 8 different schools and lived in three countries. Like all the other military brats she knows, she was always aware of the hierarchies of military rank, which can explain why she writes stories set in societies where rank impacts her characters’ lives in a myriad of ways.

And then there was all the reading, the omnivorous and voracious reading that started as soon as she learned how. Someone once said she had the most catholic reading tastes of anyone he knew and all that wide-ranging exploration finds its way into her stories as well.

Katy lives in north of Boston, MA, with her sister and her two rescue dogs.