Prince of Hearts

Edmund Tudor has sworn to support his king at any cost, knowing that broken promises lead to treachery and death. Even his marriage will be made in service of his pledge, his bride the king’s to choose. Until then he can toy with as many ladies of the Court as he pleases, so long as playing at love remains a game no one takes seriously. And then he meets Lady Cecilia Coleville…

Cecilia has come to Court to win the queen’s favor and make a good marriage, one that advances her family’s interests. She is not there to indulge in a forbidden dalliance with a man far beyond her reach. Yet despite her awareness of what she owes the family she loves, she cannot resist Edmund.

When a new danger to the throne emerges, Cecilia must help Edmund stop it, without losing her honor — or her heart.



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Lord Sebastian’s Wife

He had broken every promise he had ever made her… And her heart with them!

A reckless promise, made in the glow of first love, now bound Lord Sebastian Benbury to the Lady Beatrice. But though her beauty still stirred his inner fires, nothing could burn away the far-off memory of her with another man!






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